Shocking moment cancer sufferer Kwame Bantu, 65, is thrown off a British Airways Flight to Jamaica over 'upgrade'

British Airways
Caribbean island
The 65-year-old says he was forcibly restrained by cabin crew after he tried to move to business class to stretch his legs
This is the dramatic moment a British cancer and diabetes sufferer was thrown off a BA Flight by police after trying to stretch his legs in business class.

Kwame Bantu, 65, was an hour into the 14-hour Flight to visit family in Jamaica when he began to feel dizzy and saw his leg swelling, MailOnline reports.

He then tried to move into business class, where he says he was 'ambushed' by six members of staff who tied him up by his hands and feet before allegedly dragging him back to his seat in economy.

"I'm going to go with you," he can be heard telling the officers.

It was initially reported that Mr Bantu, who is still stranded on the remote island of Terceira, was kicked off the jet for refusing to leave the business class section.

"I was just trying to get some room to stretch my leg," he told MailOnline. "But nobody was helping me. They refused to listen about my medical illness and what I was going through. I was treated like a slave."

The new footage also features Joy Stoney, a businesswoman from Yorkshire who was thrown off the Flight alongside Mr Bantu after trying to help him.


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