Humberside Airport Based Flying School Is Top In Pilot Training

Humberside Airport Based Flying School Is Top In Pilot Training

Humberside Airport Based Flying School Is Top In Pilot Training

HUMBER Flying Club has been accepted as an EU Approved Training Organisation.

The school set up by Captain John Greenfield in 1982 to Provide Budding Pilots with a route to a dream career, is the first in the region to qualify for what will become a heavily restricted industry come April next year.

Organisations failing to comply will be limited to UK Airspace, the type of plane, and good weather daytime Flying only.

Capt Greenfield, Chief flying instructor at the Humberside Airport based business he runs with his wife, said This is a great moment and a serious achievement for the club and represents many hundreds of hours spent producing a training manual of 155 pages, which goes into very fine detail exactly how the club will operate.

We now meet the EASA (European Union) requirements for a Training Organisation to remain in business after the cut off date. What this means is that the club will continue to provide training of the Highest Standard as we have done since September 1982.

There has been a demand in the Industry to look after the customers, in the past it has not always been a good quality. This is a little bit of good coming out of Europe, looking after customers. If it does that then it has achieved its purpose, he said. We spent a lot of time when the weather was wet and blowy last winter on this, we grasped the nettle and did it. There are a lot of people who seem to be leaving it to the last minute and a lot of people are not going to do it.

He said some were seeking a grandfather clause  a provision in which an old rule continues to apply to some existing situations while a new rule will apply to all future cases  but Capt Greenfield said he would object to that.

If we can do it everyone else can do it too, he said, keen to see proper classroom briefings away from distractions and restriction of a cockpit.

Our manual that was submitted to the UK Civil Aviation Authority has been given a serious once-over and found to detail all of the requirements needed to produce the next generation of private Pilots who will have to operate in the ever busier Airspace of Europe and beyond.

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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee Aviation  News Editor


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