Simplification to UK Visa Routes

Ease of travel will lead to boost in economy

Currently there exists 15 visitor visa routes, which is slated to be reduced to four. The change is intended to simplify travel to UK whether it is for business or leisure starting this April.

The four new visa patterns will be: visitor (standard); visitor (to hold marriage or civil partnership); visitor undertaking permitted paid engagements; and visitors transiting the UK.

Having less number of routes will help the visitors to easily shortlist for the right type of Visa. For Instance, a person planning
to visit for business meeting and also spend some holidays will now not have to apply for two different visa routes.

Also in April, exit checks will be introduced to determine who has complied with the length of their Visa. 

Home Secretary Theresa May was of the view that these amendments will make sure that UK remains ahead of its competitors as they work
towards attracting the travelers both for business as well as leisure.

It will in turn help the economy to grow further.

The new rules will be presented in Parliament on 26 Feb 2015 before coming into effect from April 2015.

Er Jigna Shah  [BE, MBA]
Sub Editor