Great Summer Days Out: The Lincolnshire Aviation Museum

RARE historic Aircraft in a setting that takes you back to a time gone by. That is what is in store for visitors to The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre – the only Airfield Museum in the country recreated to its original design sited on an original Second World War Airfield.
It holds one of the rarest Aircraft, an Avro Lancaster Bomber in its collection along with many wartime vehicles, including a Ford WOT1 crew bus, the only one of its kind known in existence. The Avro Lancaster, Just Jane, frequently performs four engine taxy runs, the only place in the world you can see this performed on an original Airfield.

They have retained the original 1940s control tower and the hangar is built on the original wartime hangar base.
The museum is built up entirely around RAF Bomber Command but the exhibits and displays span many areas, such as The Home Front and Escape and Evasion, giving a wide perspective on wartime Britain and the trials and tribulations of the Second World War.

The museum is expanding every year and it is their common ambition to fully rebuild it to a complete original wartime Airfield, preserving the memory of Bomber Command for many years to come.


Eesha Rohida [ MBA Mktg ]
Aviation News Editor