The Air Accident Investigations Branch says the private jet had earlier taken action to avoid colliding with a microlight 

and potentially a second Aircraft.

On the day of the crash the plane left Blackbushe for Milan’s Malpensa Airport in northern Italy before returning later.

The embassy also said it would work with British authorities to investigate the incident and repatriate the bodies for 

burial in Saudi Arabia.

An Airport spokesman said: “Blackbushe Airport confirmed that a Phenom 300 jet with four persons on board crashed near the 

end of the runway around 3.09pm while attempting to make a landing”.

“At the end of the runway there is a auto park because the Airport is used for vehicle auctions and it’s gone into there”.

Video footage shows the aftermath of the crash, with debris visible among dozens of damaged cars.

“I was passing the Airport on my way home and there was a big column of smoke in the air”, Robert Belcher, a local 

aviation enthusiast, told the Daily Mail.

“The next thing I knew the siren was wailing on the control tower and then I saw a big plume of black smoke”.

Industry sources said the Embraer Phenom 300 jet, which was owned by the bin Laden family-run Salem Aviation company, had 

twice flown to southern England in the days before the crash, as well as making trips to Britain in March and at regular intervals since 2013, often landing at Blackbushe and Farnborough Airports. “I assumed it was cars on fire in the auction yard”.

He said: “I could see one of the wings sticking up and it was in flames and four, five cars around it were all in flames”. 

“The plane nosedived into the cars and exploded on impact”. “The engines were screaming far too much and the aircraft was 

trying to land – I’m a glider pilot and I thought it’s far too low to the ground”.

Hampshire Police confirmed that all three passengers on board the plane were members of the large and wealthy Bin Laden 

family, from Saudi Arabia, who were visiting the UK on holiday.

“I have heard from staff here that four people were on the plane”. We could hear all the fuel tanks in the cars start to 

explode and there was a bad smell.

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